Designed to teach, educate, and speak about the importance of exceptional Customer Service.

My Goal is for you to learn how to like the hiring process while building a team. And when you have a great team, you can build great things for you, for them, your clients, and your Entire Enterprise.

Best Selling Author

Laura has authored over 200 articles for leading publications. She is also the best-selling author of Step Away from the Drill, which details how dentists can communicate with their team more effectively and how to motivate the team by setting clear goals and expectations.

New Release

“Hiring without Hesistation”

I wrote the book “Hiring Without Hesitation” with the focus of small business owners at heart. Let’s dive into strategies on how to hire the right person for your business before someone else does!

Keynote Speaker

Laura understands building a relationship and a rapport with an audience can be a challenge. Laura considers what and how her audience thinks, feels, and does by using interactive ways of getting to know them first.

Now Available!

“Hiring without Hesitation”

After years of being a small business owner, I have endured the struggle of not finding the right person the first time. Investing time and money into the wrong hire can hurt your company.


 Hiring is a complicated Process

and it is  Inevitable  that some things will fall through the cracks.

But that should be the  Exception,

not the rule.

Never Stop Hiring for New Employees

Never Stop Hiring for New Employees

One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners make when hiring new employees is that they only hire when they have a specific need. Many times they only accept resumes when a job opening arises. So what happens when there's turnover, expansion, or a scramble...

Take on the Hiring Process

Take on the Hiring Process

Taking on the creation and development of a hiring process can be a challenging obstacle for any business. There are typically two options for filling an open position - hiring from within and hiring externally. Consider the possibility that you may not need to hire...